IT IS.  Every city in the world has those spots where people don’t go, for whatever reason. Well, we wont go there… We can assure you we offer a safe trip and it will be really really fun.

if you’re European or North American just remember to bring your passport first seven days are free If you want to stay longer there is a Visa requirement that will cost you $20-25usd for more question go to

No fruits, vegetables or other type of vegetation or seeds. No meat either. But your zarapes, artifacts and shot glasses are good. Booze is limited to 1L per person. Mexican candy and pastries are also allowed as well as tobacco this last one limited to 1 carton per person.

The tour is in English. If you’d like it in Spanish, I’m sure we can work something out, e-mail us in advance.

we offer the taco tap tour every tuesday, friday and saturday

and our wine tasting tour is available every wednesday,friday and saturday

you can always bring your own group or book a private tour which can be customized on date and time. prices may change. email us for more info

Unpredictable. Could be 10 minutes, could be 1 hour or more. I usually check this website for latest updates:

This is completely up to you, the first $50/130 are for our independent service and remember some tours include consume. After that there’s plenty of money to be spent. Hotel rooms are as cheap as $15-25 per room. Beers range anywhere from $2-6, food stays relatively the same. So depending in how much you like to party, and the tour you chose I’d say anywhere between $40-100. Tijuana is a cash city keep this in mind, as well as things you might spend money on, like booze, food, covers cigarettes, souvenirs, tips, transportation. (besides our fees and what we include in the prices)

Yes they do. Most prices are in dollars and pesos. check online the exchange rates. you can change your dollars to pesos before you cross to Tijuana, if you prefer.

Of course, though all of them will dispense pesos instead of dollars and some fees are involved. There’s only one ATM that dispenses dollars and has a low fee, and that’s right by the border. The rest will have some charges depending in who you bank with. If you bank with Citibank, all Banamex ATMs work free of charge (they still dispense pesos). There’s plenty of currency exchange booths to go back to dollars from any left over pesos you might have at the end of the tour.

Is highly recommended that the meeting spot remains the same if you intend to cross by car. Entering Tijuana is confusing and you can easily get lost. There’s plenty of safe parking spots in Tijuana, but you will need a guide to show you the way. Please make sure to have an extra seat in your car to accommodate the tour guide. You’d have to meet the guide 40 minutes before to help you find a parking place in Tijuana. You’d pay 20 dlls per car to the guide for this service. parking spots are 35-50 pesos (safe). Please mention this in the booking email. If you’d like to cross with your car for a private tour be aware that our guide would need to be the driver and that prices may change, email us to get more info.

Though crossing to Tijuana is relatively fast and easy, crossing back to the USA can be a pain. Not only because you will want to stay in Tijuana, but because the border line could get intense. It can be anywhere from ten minutes to three hours. If you happen to have a SENTRI card or Passport card, then crossing will be a breeze with lines less than thirty minutes. However, the regular pedestrian line can get very busy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO USE CHAPARRAL PEDWEST PORT OF ENTRY, AT NIGHT THERE’S ALMOST NO ONE. However, do not fear the long lines, eventually you will cross back.

There’s no need to book a hotel room in advance, most of them are vacant. Hotels range anywhere from $10 to $30 a night, our only hostel is in playas de Tijuana.

I will order a car for the group to go back to the border, the price must be divided between all the passengers and will be paid in cash ( possible with Uber Mexico) I would only go back to the border with you if there’s no extra hours reserved otherwise I’ll let your driver know where to go and I’ll check the route on my phone. The usual price from Revolution Avenue to the border is 32 pesos (1.80USD approx) car for up to 4 people, and the price might be a little bit more expensive if a bigger car is needed (five passengers or more), Uber service is cheaper in Mexico but is actually good and with great costumer service, I will receive a notification once you are dropped off at the pedestrian international border el chaparral. The trip should take between 8 and 15 minutes but never more than 20.  More questions coming soon… as you guys ask me more.